Project: Multiple Me


Use multiple versions of the same image to explore the image adjustment tools and filters in Photoshop. Remember to try many different filters and colors. No two images should look the same!



  • Take a picture of yourself (and ONLY yourself) with Photo Booth. DO NOT MAKE A SILLY FACE.
  • Open the picture in Photoshop. The easiest way to do this is to drag the image onto the Photoshop icon.
  • Duplicate the image (on the menu, Image/Duplicate). Name the duplicate “center image.”
  • Select the crop tool.
  • Set the crop method to W x H x Resolution.
  • Set the crop to 4.5 in x 6 in, 150 ppi.
  • Crop the image and save it.
  • Make a new 7.5 x 10 150 ppi image. Title it “multiple me.”
  • Check that snap is on (View/Snap).
  • Change to the move tool.
  • Drag the center image onto “multiple me.” It will appear as a new layer.
  • Use the move tool to center the image. You will know it’s in the right place when the center lines appear.
  • Go back to the “center image” and duplicate the image. Photoshop will suggest the name “center image copy.” This is just a scratch image, so that name is fine.
  • Resize the duplicate to 1.5 in x 2 in.
    • Apply one or more filters and/or image adjustments to the duplicate. Remember that changing your foreground and background colors will change the colors used by the filter.
    • Use the move tool to drag the altered image onto “multiple me.”
    • Place the altered image in the empty ring around the main picture.
    • Make sure the duplicate is the active document, and undo the filter effects.
  • Repeat the four steps above until the whole ring is filled with altered images.

Sample finished product: