Photoshop Project: Cereal Box I

Goal: Make the front of a cereal box.

This is a typical front of a cereal box with the parts labeled:

  1. The name of the cereal. Big letters, bright, contrasting color, and an outline help it stand out.
  2. The company that makes the cereal
  3. A badge telling why you should eat the cereal
  4. a mascot
  5. a description of the cereal
  6. a picture of the cereal in a bowl
  7. A badge tell about a special offer
  8. The weight of the cereal.

Yours should look as much like a real cereal box as possible, but it needs to be about a cereal you make up. Here are two examples:


If you plan to use your cover for the Cereal Box II project (where you make the whole box), the best size for this project is 7.2 inches wide, 10 inches high, and 150 pixels per inch.